duminică, 20 iunie 2010

Mss/Mr CWS wow...the best show I ever see.
Not only wonderful girls, but also so smart. You should see them, was great. The two of the winners was so smart, you could not be able to choose from them. They knew all questions. Smart answers. All audience was astonished, even all tired, it seems that show will never end, we had a very nice time. We even lough and have fun...some was past out, some was calling for 911, some needed a chocolate.....well I let you to enjoy the pictures I made and remember with pleasure the moments. See you on catwalk!!!!!!!!!!!
They all have good looks, Now who's got the smart Brain here.  Here are the results and congratulations to our winners.
Ms CWS 2010 Winner our Beauty and Brains Winner      ➤Cieleste Magic ✰➤
1st Runner Up:  ➤✰Sorite Krautrauch➤
2nd Runner Up:  ➤Maleha Inglewood➤
4rth Runner Up: Didier Rascon
5th Runner UP:  Emma Altstatter
6th Runner up:  FlutegirlSam GossipGirl
7th Runner up:  Lexi Amaterasu
8th Runner up:  Aisha Ormega

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miercuri, 16 iunie 2010

Second life ......... second chance....................second second love........first dreamlove you !!!!!!!!
no other comment...............I am just inlove.........come into this world!!!!!!!!!!

joi, 10 iunie 2010

University of Classic W/ Style of Fashion

The new models who just graduate the University
All that I hope is to be soon one too happy model fresh graduating
Thak you from all my heart to Ms Anrol Anthony and Mr.Steve101 McCullough for their generozity and giving me this chance to accomplish my dream.

My dear classroom ....I am waiting my friends to come, Being along with my teacher we have time to share from the beauty of being in this wonderful family. We learn so many things in a such short time. It not just a run on a catwalk, it's a run into new life of fashion show. How dear they are all to me, how much patience you can find in them, and so many encouragments on all the way till graduation. Even if we know is not too good our walk, or poses that we choose our trainers keeps us up, giving advises, sharing from the secrets of being model.
I am grateful to be in this wonderful group, to know and meet such great souls...it is a real family. If you want to call and come, you are more than welcomed!!!!!

Another second place in a contest with the styling teenagers theme.
See you soon at Hollywood.....
New information:

To join the free training, contests, pageants or university you must be in our Hollywood Walk of Fame group which is by invitation only. Please IM tabytha1 Baily, Anrol Anthony or Steve101 McCullough for an invitation to join Hollywood walk of Fame.

Hurry and join up on one of these contests which are all FREE so you can participate in our free training, and our nightly styling contests to win big Lindens.....

1. Get a pic and fill in our Pageant Application-send your pic and application to Steve101 McCulloug
2. Come out to our free basic training to learn our formation for Styling contests. Here is the link to our schedule http://classicwstyle.blogspot.com/search/label/Schedule
3. Come on out to our nightly styling contests to win Lindens and votes to your pic
4. Become a famous Model, and be in all our Fashion shows by joining our university

sâmbătă, 5 iunie 2010

Welcome to the
It is a great time I spent there, and hope to be more...to become a member of this wonderful family. Is not about fame, fashion, money or just beauty...but even more is about great friends working together, and helping each other. I can say that I found here the greatest hearts I ever met, so much help and kindness.

Welcome Everyone to Classic W/ Style - The HOTTEST Classiest and Best Place to Learn all Basic techniques as Well as Advanced techniques in Modeling in Virtual World SL.

Our Event Schedule for May - June 2010
Please check our Blog for an accurate schedule.
Hope to See you here...

The University have a large catwalk, where we spend many hours, practising and still having great emotions on every contest.
Going up on the stage...and wining a place from the top, it makes me to be proud of who I am, and to need more and more to get involved in this nice shows.