duminică, 20 iunie 2010

Mss/Mr CWS wow...the best show I ever see.
Not only wonderful girls, but also so smart. You should see them, was great. The two of the winners was so smart, you could not be able to choose from them. They knew all questions. Smart answers. All audience was astonished, even all tired, it seems that show will never end, we had a very nice time. We even lough and have fun...some was past out, some was calling for 911, some needed a chocolate.....well I let you to enjoy the pictures I made and remember with pleasure the moments. See you on catwalk!!!!!!!!!!!
They all have good looks, Now who's got the smart Brain here.  Here are the results and congratulations to our winners.
Ms CWS 2010 Winner our Beauty and Brains Winner      ➤Cieleste Magic ✰➤
1st Runner Up:  ➤✰Sorite Krautrauch➤
2nd Runner Up:  ➤Maleha Inglewood➤
4rth Runner Up: Didier Rascon
5th Runner UP:  Emma Altstatter
6th Runner up:  FlutegirlSam GossipGirl
7th Runner up:  Lexi Amaterasu
8th Runner up:  Aisha Ormega

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