sâmbătă, 5 iunie 2010

Welcome to the
It is a great time I spent there, and hope to be become a member of this wonderful family. Is not about fame, fashion, money or just beauty...but even more is about great friends working together, and helping each other. I can say that I found here the greatest hearts I ever met, so much help and kindness.

Welcome Everyone to Classic W/ Style - The HOTTEST Classiest and Best Place to Learn all Basic techniques as Well as Advanced techniques in Modeling in Virtual World SL.

Our Event Schedule for May - June 2010
Please check our Blog for an accurate schedule.
Hope to See you here...

The University have a large catwalk, where we spend many hours, practising and still having great emotions on every contest.
Going up on the stage...and wining a place from the top, it makes me to be proud of who I am, and to need more and more to get involved in this nice shows.

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